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Planning an exit strategy

It is never too early to start planning an exit strategy and preparing your business for sale. The ultimate reasons for selling a business are varied from a well-deserved retirement through to sudden or unanticipated events, illness, partnership disputes or market changes. Pre-sale preparation will maximise not only the value of your business but also assist the ease of transfer and reduce potentially lengthy negotiations.

Preparing your business  for sale can be crucial in achieving a successful outcome and maximising value.

We can help you with the following important considerations:

  • Targeting a suitable buyer and guide you in doing your due diligence
  • Choosing a suitable timeframe for your exit
  • Sorting out your accounts
  • Making yourself redundant
  • Documenting your business to ensure it runs smoothly in your absence
  • Getting you a guideline business valuation
  • Working on a sales pitch

Exiting a business will happen in one way or another – whether you are in control or not.  We can help you prepare for it, and whether it’s a short term or long term plan, it’s never too soon to start the process.