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Energy Performance Certificates

An Energy Performance Certificate rates the energy efficiency of your building at a grade between A and E.  At Rutter Green Commercial we have in house specialists who are able to provide you with a commercial EPC.  These are especially useful in highlighting areas of improvement that can help with lowering your energy bill or improving your carbon footprint.

You will require an EPC if you rent out or sell your commercial property, or if certain changes are made.  There are also circumstances in which you may need to display your EPC on view in your commercial property.

Energy Saving Services

Rutter Green Commercial are able to provide the following help in relation to energy savings:

  • We can provide information about legislation you should be aware of and their implications
  • Assess current energy efficiency and risk, and provide an EPC
  • Creation of a risk management plan or energy efficiency plan for your building
  • Provide fully costed proposals for achieving higher grades
  • Negotiation with tenants or landlords regarding energy saving measures
  • Procurement and implementation of improvements