Non Disclosure Agreement

Confidentiality when buying a business

Don’t overlook the importance of buying a business confidentially.  Signing a NDA or Non Disclosure Agreement is a normal feature of buying a business and it’s something that can protect you as well as the seller.

For example, you may want to keep the sale of the business quiet so as to not alarm your future customers that the business has changed hands, or you’ll want to control how this happens.  You’ll want to ensure the current employees aren’t alarmed by the sale, and you also want to be sure that any sensitive information related to the business doesn’t become public knowledge after the sale is concluded.

Off Market Deals

If you are looking to purchase a business confidentially, maybe from a seller you know personally or perhaps there’s limited knowledge of the sale and the seller is looking to get this done quickly.  We can assist you in any aspect of the process, helping you consider all important aspects.  Importantly we are professionals and you can rely on complete discretion.